Reaction To Azealia Bank’s “212” Music Video

In “212” released 2011, Azealia Banks shows a unique rap style. Her words rhyme fast and don’t skip a beat. The words come in short, fast gunfire blasts and are put together well. In some places, the words sounds like they shouldn’t rhyme but do.

That being said, her music sounds fresh. There is a solid beat to rap on and flow. Incidentally, the song has lots of effects, which add to the overall song. It reminds me of a “one two, one beat” which hits hard.

The video is filmed in black in white. For some reason, it works for this beat, but don’t ask me why. The video looks kewl.

Also, the message of the song’s hard to understand, which could be intentional. What exactly is she saying? If you listen, there are words that carry some meaning; however, it’s hard to get the complete message- or maybe the gist. Perhaps, that was the goal of Azealia Banks

There’s words in this song which could get you banned. There are lots of “N bombs”, and there’s lots of swears. You just need to skip over those words while listening. (Clean Version of 212)

I haven’t listened to rap in while, but this track caught me off guard. I listened to the song over and over. I was expecting a rapper with no skill, but, boy, I was surprised. Obviously, Azealia has got skills. She could be one of the best female rapper.

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