Upon revisiting Impulse’s “State of Mind,” here’s some things you might of missed on first go. First, teleportations will bring problems. Second, secret weapons exist. Third, teleportation will dissolve borders. Fourth, anti-heroes and non-obvious genetic mutations included in this segment. Finally, a whole bunch of missed info on first take.

Let’s get this started with I missed this: teleportation will bring new problems. With teleportation, people will continue to fight and kill each other. In fact, teleportation will be a game changer for war where anyone can kill anybody any place any time.

This episode, too, suggests secret weapons . One such secret weapon is teleportation. Obviously, teleportation must be a secret weapon since the general population has no clue about it’s use or existence. You may of missed this message, if you didn’t read between the lines.

“State of Mind” pushes another non-obvious idea: Teleportation has dissolved borders. So much for globalization. So much for nations. I can see why countries and corporations want to surpress this tech since it has the potential to destroy national economies.

Here’s something to think about: Teleporters are the hunted and persecuted group. There is almost something religious in this television series.

Impulse seems to be about anti-heroes. If you accept that Henry is creating chaos for society, it’s not a far leap to see her as some kind of anti-hero. Anti-heroes are a post modern invention, where the classical narratives don’t hold sway anymore.

On another level, you might of caught on that Impulse is getting society ready for the future. A future where an average person can go anywhere. An example of this showed up in the movie The Matrix. And you got to be ready because it’s coming.

I missed this fact the first go: Henry is right about not calling the police, which she tells Jenna. The cops really can’t even deal with civil matters let alone national security which is out of their jurisdiction. National security is an issue for the feds or some shadowy government organization.

Wow, I missed this on first go: Henry is worried about an appointment. Not only that, she just teleported and bypassed any kind of wall or barrier. Henry doesn’t have a clue what time it is; how she is changing things. Can you imagine what teleportation will do for marginal groups?

Another thing I missed about Anna is when it comes to violating privacy laws. Anna, you need a person’s permission to look at personal cellphone records. Anna, the cop, looks at Henry’s Cell phone records and cross references with cell towers. Anna, that is something for a warrant or secretive grand jury.

I missed this: Jenna suggested Planned Parenthood to Henry. Planned Parenthood is a pro-choice group and left organization that specializes in assisting women with abortions. Not only that, the founder, Margaret Sanger, was into eugenics. (sterilization and racial purity) 

Here’s one glossed over: Townes is upper middle class. He reassured Henry that he wouldn’t sell her to the government or a multinational corp. But the upper middle class is made up of upper government positions.

If you didn’t understand social theory, you missed this one: cops protect private property. In this case, Bill Boone, the criminal, and the local sheriff, a dirty cop, are all about that property. But businesses and law enforcement have always worked together. Read some social theory by Louie Altussar.

If you missed this,there’s one scene that talks about genetic mutations causing diseases. But what about the other stuff you don’t hear like genetic mutations causing other things? Other things like a gene mutation that coagulates blood 5 times faster than the normal gene; thus, this gene mutation stops bleeding almost instantly, so these carriers bleed very little. Sounds like a good gene for a soldier, huh.

You had to miss the deep sarcasm of Henry and turning the tables. The deep sarcasm comes out when Henry is talking about “examples for youth of America” with her guidance counsellor and teacher in the principal’s office. Henry makes such statements as, “Lie and you will be put in a position of power,” and, “Take advantage of those weaker than you and you will be rewarded.” Sounds like turning the tables and some deep critical analysis going on, huh?

In summary, I missed a few good things on first watch. First, I missed the critical analysis side of Henry. Also, I missed the non-obvious aspects of genetic mutations on first go. I also missed the whole anti-hero thing on my first watch. I hope you like this revisit to Impulse’s “State of Mind.”

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