This one scene from The Planet of the Apes (1968) got me thinking. Here’s some questions that ran through my mind: “Evolution can’t be right, huh?” “It has to be crazy to observe black hole events that happened in medieval times right?” “Time is an illusion, right?” “Do you long for the simple days?” Here’s my thoughts after thinking about the film.

To start, evolution has to be wrong. Why, because in the infinite past, everything was determined and ran it’s path long ago. And even if it didn’t, it doesn’t matter anyways because ideas are pointless like meaning and purpose in life. According to evolution, all that science, space travel, exploration to the stars, is pointless and doesn’t matter anyways, because everything comes down to a material base.

Another thing I got thinking: Political parties that have evolution underlying their platform. For the reasons mentioned above, these political parties are pointless and obsolete from an evolutionary point of view. If your party has evolution underlying it what your saying and doing doesn’t matter the least. And what’s really messed up, you the politician believe evolution and want to govern me, because you want to be the plastic little king of the ant hill due to some stupid mindless random process.

To continue, it’s wild to see events that happened in the Middle Ages. This is possible because telescopes pick up light that left it source hundreds of years ago, even those some of those stars burnt out long ago. As you know, 200, 000 light years means light must travel at the speed of light to get here which takes 200, 000 years. What is stranger, we can track those events, making all kinds of calculations and projections, from our time looking back at medieval times. We only see the ghost of burnt out stars so to speak.

It’s strange to draw an actual line connecting two different times. One time being the here and now. The other time being the Middle Ages. And to see both of those times in the here and now. But what if some dude in the Middle Ages was an evolutionist and saw us from the past, because you know everything evolves and was determined like evolutionists believe.

To conclude, it is said time is an illusion. There must be some falseness to this statement because we know time slows down around large mass objects. That being said, imagine spending a few hours by a black hole and coming back to earth and it’s decades later then telling earth people “time is an illusion.” Those people wouldn’t believe you, but they might agree time slows down depending on where you are. Hell, they might not believe you anyways cause they don’t know you or just won’t. Anyways, time and illusions are ideas that don’t matter if you’re an evolutionist.

Do you long for the simple days? The days when time was only measured by the hands of a family clock? When there was only one God, and religions certainly did not kill each other to be right? Perhaps that was never really the case, but everything adapts, adjusts, and moves on-dare I say evolves. And these thoughts will be pointless some day because that’s just the nature of evolution and it was determined long ago in the distant past of infinity, and there’s really no here and now-if you’r an evolutionist.

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