The Bionic Woman’s “On the Run” reveals the US to be a kinder, gentler Russia, with the USA being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That being said, Jamie Somers, the bionic woman and secret OSI agent, gets to close to the edge and the authorities yank the leash. As a result, Jamie goes on the run from the government in search of herself and freedom, but she ends up back in the zoo at the end of the episode where it all began, which is totally relevant with the Cold War on again.

Incidentally, “On the Run” begins at the zoo. As we see, Jamie is on assignment looking after the daughter of a Chinese defector. As the scene continues, the little girl comments about a caged polar bear not looking happy, even though he is fed and looked after. Jamie, looking stressed, says you would be unhappy too if caged all the time and not free. And so “On the Run” begins.

The whole idea of Jamie Sommers as property is right on point. Given that the government can control a woman’s body, as if property, goes back to how the state can ban abortion in the interest of the fetal life or interest of the mother’s health in all nine months. Further, given the fact that people are commerce, like property, and can be regulated, seems like the old days of slavery have never really left us. Jamie Sommers, a valued piece of expensive government property, is one expensive slave and more than meets the eye.

Another good idea brought out in this airing is the use of drugs to control Jamie. In one scene, a lady OSI agent says if Jamie resists arrest, we will put her to sleep-an earlier scene showed a concerned Jamie about a little girl tranquilized. This scene reminded me of the pharmaceutical industry and it’s use of mental health drugs to control people. I thought this a timely scene for anyone who wants to escape the government, because they will just use drugs to control you like they tried to do to Jamie.

I thought the NSB sounded a lot like the FSB in this episode. The FSB are Russia’s version of the US’s NSA. They deal with defectors and so-called “extremists” like the Jehovah Witnesses, for example.

The cover story fabricated by the NSB government was a great pretext. The feds created this lie about Jamie that she was a bank robber. In reality, this lie was designed to get local state police cooperation. And the lie worked, because the local police put out an APB on Jamie Sommers. Talk about a dumb state police force huh.

“On the Run” shows Jamie Sommers as a teacher. I thought this interesting, because Jamie agrees to return to her teaching job after being recaptured. I bet this is the only way now left for Jamie to resist or make a change on future generations. Anyways, aren’t all spies teachers or priests in other countries?

Another thing about Jamie Sommers and needed more exploring: she’s superhuman. She has bionic legs, a bionic arm, and a bionic ear; that is, she is a cyborg or more precise: AI. She has super strength like bending and crushing metal. She has unique skills the OSI taught her. No way, Jamie can be stopped by the NSB government. And she has super human help too. But the producers don’t get into her friends, the bionic man, or extraterrestrials who help her.

And what up with Jamie Sommers tossing that fixture that looks like a ICBM missile into a truck at the beginning? The producers telling us the USA deals with child traffickers with Patriot missiles? And foreign relations are really bad? I guess so.

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