Another Day With VaughnLive’s Bubbaganoosh


Today, I popped in to watch Bubbaganoosh’s cast on Vaughnlive this Monday, April 25, 2016, and a few things caught my mind.

While I sat back and watched chat, Bubbaganoosh just hung out, and he discussed forgiveness with a guest even just to chime in.

“You shouldn’t 548, you shouldn’t do anything that requires forgiveness. You know what I mean,” bellowed


“I will never ask or beg or expect forgiveness from the site staff,” said Guest_54841113286.

Whatever the topic turned into, Bubbaganoosh continued to respond to the chatbox, and the chat discussion turned to the TV shows because that’s what chat wanted to talk about.

“I don’t know what that is 979,” Bubbaganoosh quietly respond.

“Bbl, watching The Searchers, never seen it before. Sinful of me,” Guest_97921113730 posted.

As a matter of fact, Bubbaganoosh wishes he knew some guests; in addition, Bubbaganoosh replied the TV show Wentworth is hardcore while responding to chatbox.

“Now here’s the problem I see with guests. Some of you all do some cool things and I kind of wish that I knew who you were to give credit cause someone told me last night about this cool show called Wentworth. Its like Oz. There’s no jokes in it. It’s like some real serious shit. Its really hardcore. I’m really into it,” said an interested Bubbaganoosh.

“No worries Bubbaganoosh glad you like it, “ said Guest_670001114113

As time passed, chatters continued to post comments, yet nobody seemed to read comments though I read them.

“I used to take haughty view towards the drama on here. But then I started to chill out and except it and now I think shit is hilarious,” said Noalyah_republic.

“It’s extra hilarious when people use terms like “spy”, traitor and other nationalistic terms like that. I seriously look at my screen and crack up,” declared Noalyah_republic in chatbox.

As Bubbaganoosh’s cast continued, more guests posted comments in chat, so I post some comments anonymously because I was bored.

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