CBS Big Brother Episodes 21

On Sunday, August 12th, 2018, I tuned into CBS’s Big Brother, and here are my observations on this week’s game play. A player was chosen as the new secret hacker. Plus, Samantha had a break down and acted psycho in front of the other house guests. Although this episode started off slow, it picked up steam as game play unfolded in the house.

To begin, Haleigh won HOH. She nominates Angela and Casey. She does this because they are coming after her. However, she admits: “Tyler is the real target.”

While talking to Casey, Tyler had a change of heart about Samantha. He doesn’t like her. She’s bad for his game. Also, she voted to keep Bayleigh. Plus, he told her a secret, which to build trust; yet, she went against his Level Six alliance.

During an emotional scene, Samantha feels someone is making fun of her. She says to Haleigh, “Who is making fun of me? Why do I feel that way?” She breaks down.

While crying to Haleigh, Samantha starts to figure out the game. First, she comes to this realization: These people are not my her friends. Second, she realizes they’re here to will a bunch of money. As well, Samantha realizes they care don’t care what happens to her or to everybody else. Now, the game makes sense to Samantha.

Nevertheless, Samantha is going crazy in the house. She says, “I feel dumb. I feel used. I feel like I am the only real person in this f..king house. I am just trapped in here with all you psychos. It’s like I am going to get mad and snap, and everyone is going to regret it, seriously!” She warns, “I am almost to that breaking point. And I am going to lose my f..king mind. And you let me find out just one time that someone in here is making me look dumb and I will rip them limb to limb and pull their bottom lip clean over the back of their head. And they will regret the day they were born.”

That being said, Samantha and JC had a strange conversation. Samantha says, “Have you ever heard the term stomp a mud hole?” However, JC hasn’t heard of it.

Further, strangely, Samantha explain this concept to JC. Samantha explains, “Stomp a mud hole is more like stomp a blood hole.” Also, she adds, “Do you know what a curb stomp is?”

However, JC doesn’t understand Samantha. She confesses, “It’s just stuff I seen in movies” JC wonders, “What kind of movies are you watching?”

Samantha laughs, “So cute!” as she leaves the room. Later, JC comments to the room, ‘I was terrified.”

Aside, Tyler comes up with a strange plan during episode 21. He needs to convince Haleigh to backdoor him. He needs to do this at the POV meeting. This way, he can use his Cloud Power app before it disappears. Moreover, his plan will ruin Haleigh’s plan to backdoor him

Meantime, here’s something to watch: A couple is flying under the radar. It’s Haleigh and Faysal. They’re keeping their romance on the down low because they do not want to draw suspicion. Further, it’s working and might impact the game in the future.

Meanwhile, Casey wins the hacker competition for this week. She takes herself off the block. She puts up Rockstar, which deeply upsets her. Also, she turns Haleigh’s nominations upside down. Plus, she lets Level Six in on her win; however, she doesn’t tell the other side of the house.

Meantime, Tyler has the last say with Haleigh. Tyler says, “Haleigh might think she can send me out the backdoor, but I am riding on cloud nine, Haleigh.” Tyler wants the last laugh.

In summary, there were a few highlights of this episode. Casey won the last hacker app of the season. As well, Samantha had a break down on account of the game. And Tyler continues to dominate game play. These are my observations about Sunday’s episode.