CBS Big Brother Episodes 17 and 18

hacker picture

In review, I’ll look back at CBS Big Brother episodes 17 and 18. I’ll talk about some game play and the newest player evicted. Also, I discuss how the house continued to scheme. Finally, I’ll explain the new twisted in the game.

When it comes to the game, Tyler and Bayleigh want different things. For example, Bayleigh wants Brett gone; however, Tyler wants him to stay. Tyler and Bayleigh don’t see eye to eye.

In regards to Bayleigh, Tyler has a strategy. First, Tyler must keep her happy. Also, he must build a little trust. However, he doesn’t really trust Bayleigh and would put her up real fast. This is Tyler’s plan.

Additionally, Faysal and Hailey are over when it comes to their showmance. The first sign came when Hailey was sitting with Brett, and Faysal got mad and stomped out of the yard; moreover. he threw his pool stick down when he headed inside the Big Brother house. Later, Hailey told Brett, ‘We are not a thing. 100 percent!’

This week, players blindsided Rachel when it came to her eviction. They didn’t care about Rachel’s loyalty. Also, Angela didn’t care for her relationship with Rachel. That being said, Rachel never knew what hit her during the eviction.

After Rachel’s eviction, Angela wins HOH. Immediately, she nominates Scotty and Rockstar. These are her picks for the week.

During episode 18, Big Brother introduced a new twist: The Hacker App. Apparently, the winner of the hack app can hack the game. Specifically, the winner can hack three different parts of the game. This season’s twist is the hacker app.

Secretly, the hacker can hack the game all week long. First, the hacker has the ability to hack the nominations after the nominations ceremony by removing one nomination from the block and replacing them with a player of their choice. Second, the hacker can secretly choose one guest to play in the the POV. Finally, the hacker will secretly eliminate one player from casting a vote on eviction night. These are the powers of the hacker.

That being said, the hacker can mess up the game. The hacker can undermine alliances. Also, the hacker makes any nomination pointless. Basically, the game is turned upside down with the hacker app.

In secret, Hailey won the hacker competition. Immediately, she removes Scotty. In Scotty’s place, she puts up Tyler. However, the house has no clue about the hacker’s identity.

Hailey has reason for nominating Tyler. First, Tyler has rode the fence. Second, he’s played both sides of the house. Third, Tyler’s has played the middle of the house. Finally, Tyler can’t be allowed to continue. These are Hailey’s reasons for putting Tyler on the block.

In the diary room, Tyler gives his take on the hacker. Tyler says, ‘Job well done hacker. I’m proud of you. You made a big move. It’s about time somebody other than me did that, but just know, it’s going to come back around to you. And you’ll be out of here before me if I have anything to do with it.’ Tyler plans to payback the hacker.

Aside, this episode had some interesting bits of game play. Samantha cried when Tyler was put on the block. Also, Angela is gunning for Bayleigh. Plus, Level Six has the other side of the house confused when it comes to voting.

In brief, losing a player didn’t change the game; however, the hacker app did destroy the game. Now, Tyler is on the block. Furthermore, the hacker app has undermined alliances. It will be interesting to see if Level Six can remain intact with the hacker app in play.