I Never Cry

When it comes to trollng, Alice Cooper’s “I Never Cry” from the Alice Cooper Goes To Hell album makes the playlist.

Everyone knows trolls don’t cry. In fact, trolls try to make people cry. As you listen to the lyrics, think of a troll.

Here’s a great lyric for the trolls.

“If there’s a tear on my face, it makes me shiver to the bone…And you know I never cry,” sings Alice

This line sums up the troll.

“Sometimes, I’d rather be blind. Break a heart. Break a heart of stone. Open it up. And don’t you leave it alone. Because that’s all I got to give to you,” sighs Alice.

And trolls like to drink while trolling.

“Something I drink more than I need. Till the TV’s dead and gone. I maybe lonely but I’m never alone,” explains Cooper.

It’s a great song to play while trolling. Just remember to mute the broadcaster. And pay no attention to other chatter unless you want.