Lil Debbie’s “Break It Down”

I like this song. It has a nice bass. It sort of just bounces. And I like Lil Debbie’s rap.

The video has an old school feel. It has images of old console televisions. There’s an apple computer. Plus, it has an old ghetto blaster. Furthermore, it has some old cartoons. It’s nice to watch even though a bit too old school for some.

The video is shot in the suburbs. It has all the box cut houses with all the planned development. There are pools in the house. It even has a DJ. Lil Debbie seems right at home.

I like Lil Debbies’ raps in this video. I liked part of the song where the Lil Debbie’s raps, “Only God can judge me”. I’ve always liked this line. I’m going to add it to my raps. Plus, I liked the part where she puts up her finger and says, “I ain’t no joke”.

It’s a good track to bump in your car, although it can be bumped anywhere. Who doesn’t like pool parties, too.