It’s “Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister” episode of Stranger Things 2 which really seems like my life. That being said, Eleven and Kali have a reunion in Chicago, Illinois. Furthermore, Eleven also meets a group of violent outcasts, who are Kali’s friends. This particular episode was made for me because it seems exactly like my life.

To start, Eleven and Kali are monsters. Kali explains, “We will always be monsters to them. Do you understand?”

As a result, Eleven and Kali are stopped from using their powers. Kali tells Eleven, “Let me guess. Your policeman also stops you from using your gifts.”

In particular, Kali explains her unique power.

“I can make people see or not see whatever I choose.”

During Eleven’s and Kali’s reunion, Kali begins to cry. Eleven asks: “What’s wrong?”

Kali explains her feelings to Eleven. Kali sobs, saying, “Nothing is wrong. I just feel whole. Like a piece of me was missing. And now it’s not. Does that make sense?”

Kali feels Eleven is home. Kali looks at Eleven, saying, “I think your mother sent you here for a reason. She somehow..I think this is your home.”

With that, Kali’s friends make fun of her. Mohawk laughs to Kali, “How’s your white hick sister?”

However, Kali points out Eleven’s powers. Kali explains, “She found me with only this. It means she can find people without moving. With nothing but an image.”

Mohawk can’t believe Kali about Eleven’s powers. Mohawk laughs, saying, “You telling me Shirley is a human radar detector or some shit? Come on. No way.”

Meanwhile, back at Chief Hopper’s house. Hopper explains his neglect to Eleven, saying “I know I have been gone way to long…” He’s been gone for days.

Right off the bat, Eleven searches for a number on Kali’s friends. Kali comments, “If you are looking for a number, you won’t find one.”

Eleven and Kali are different from Kali’s friends of violent outcasts. Eleven agrees, saying, “They’re not like us.”

Eleven and Kali are different when it comes to powers, which the other outcasts lack. Kali says, “No, not in that way. But like us, they are outcasts.”

Mohawk has a good word for the whole group. Mohawk giggles, “Freaks.”

Kali explains what society did to their group of outcasts. Kali explainst to Eleven, saying, “Society left them behind. Hurt them. Discarded them.”

In a flashback, Eleven asks Chief Hopper about her mother. Eleven cries, “Do I have a mother?”

However, Hopper has some bad news for Eleven. Hopper explains, “She is not around anymore.”

During this episode, Kali pushes Eleven to use the full strength of her powers.

“The bad men tried to take you away again and that made you angry. So find that anger. Focus on that and not the train. Not it’s weight. I want you to find something for me. Something that angers you. Now, channel it. Dig deeper. Your whole life you had been lied to. Imprisoned. The bad men took your home, your mother. They took everything from you. They stole your life, Jane.”

Also, Kali uses Marxism in this segment when she explains to a working gas station worker about their common interests.

“Daryl. Your money is insured. We’re only stealing from the war criminal billionaire criminals who own this place. You won’t even lose a dime. We’re on the same side, I promise,” smiles Kali.

It’s “Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister” where Eleven shows mercy on her enemies; however, Kali doesn’t like it.

“If you wanted to show mercy, that’s your choice. But don’t you ever take away mine. You understand? Ever. Do you understand? Do you understand?”

In “Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister,” Kali is a runaway like Eleven.

“So when my gifts were strong enough, I ran away. I ran away as far as I could…Far away. I found a place to hide.”

Moreover, Kali tries to convince Eleven that her friends can’t save her.

“They cannot save you, Jane…”

However, Eleven doesn’t believe Kali, so she heads back home to her friends. Eleven explains to shocked Kali, saying, “I am going to my friends. I am going home.”

Briefly, I really enjoyed the “Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister” of Stranger Things 2. I was glad Eleven met her long lost sister, Kali, in Chicago, Illnois. However, I wasn’t too keen on Kali’s group of violent outcasts. This episode resembles my life at this moment.

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