Dancin’ In The Dark

calisto and storm battle

X-Men 170 is titled “Dancin’ In The Dark,” which is a great story to read. To begin, we see the growth of Scott’s and Madelyne’s relationship. Furthermore, we learn about the Morloch’s Alley. Plus, we see the battle between the leaders of the X-Men and the Morlochs.

To start, Scott Summer and Madelyne Pryor are on a date. They dance the night away. However, Scott is plagued by the memory Jean and how Madelyne resembles Jean. The date ends with morning breakfast, a short fight, and a make up.

In this issue, we learn about the Morloch’s alley. The alley is underneath the subways of Manhattan. It’s home for the undesirables of society called the Morlochs.

As the story progresses, we see how Calisto arranges a shotgun marriage with the X-Men’s Angel. However, the X-Men arrive and break up the marriage with a fight. Nightcrawler grabs Calisto and momentary defeats her. Also, Plague beats Storm in a fight.

It’s this issue where we’re introduced to Rogue. We first see her on a greyhound bus. She has nowhere to go. Later, Rogue will become an X-Men.

The climax of the story is the battle between Calisto and Storm. Here, Caliban tells the leaders of the X-Men and Morlochs to fight; however, it’s a fight to the death. As the battle progresses, Storm gets the upper hand by tangling Calisto’s arm and stabs her through the heart with her dagger. In the end, Healer saves Calisto and the battle is over.

Eventually, Storm saves the day. She stops the forced marriage between Calisto and Angel. Also, Storm orders for Kitty to be taken to the hospital. Morlochs are offered sanctuary at Xaxier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, although they choose to remain in the alley.

Overall, I like this issue. I liked the idea of the Morloch’s alley. Also, we got to learn more about the Morloch’s and their leader. We got to see some of their powers and where they hide. Additionally, the fight between the leader of the Morlocks and Storm was exciting. Although the story about Scott’s and Madelyne’s relationship wasn’t interesting to me in this issue, I enjoyed it later when Madelyne becomes Jean Grey.

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