Lil Debbie’s “F That”

Because I was bored, I listened to Lil Debbie’s “F That” on Youtube; however, although aimed at V Nasty, it reminded me of the battle between Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

To begin, bitches can be jelly because they have no life, so I agree with Lil Debbie.

“Silly bitch always talkin’ ’bout Debbie ain’t raw. Debbie ain’t real, Debbie don’t kill. Too trill, I done told y’all bitches. I’ma show y’all bitches no chill, silly hoes know,” stated Lil Debbie.

Where she said, “What’chu mad,” I relate to those lyrics because so many people are mad.

“Hatin’ ass bitch, a debatin’ ass bitch. What’chu mad, you ain’t-done-nothin-lately ass bitch. Hoe you hot that I pop, bitch stop. I’m a gun off safety ass bitch, bang bang, hoe,” she added.

In the same way, I liked the lyrics where she referred to V Nasty.

“Bitch is talkin’ with my back turned. Always wanna smile in my face. Caught ’em takin’ my place. Girl stop, bitch freeze, bitch please,” says Lil Debbie.

Furthermore, she dished dirt, too, which was kewl.

“Slap a hoe to the mouth, lose taste, talk now tho. Motherfucker tryna hit, talk slick like I’m pitchin’ my shit. Like I could pitch it underhand. You can know exactly where it’s gonna land. You ain’t never hittin’ this shit motherfucker,” Lil Debbie pointed out.

Moreover, she counts on herself because that’s all you got in the end.

“I came in alone, I’ma die alone. Don’t call for a favor, all you’re gettin’ is a dial tone. And my stock goin’ up. You might wanna check the dow jones,” Lil Debbie confessed.

When referring to haters, they’re mad because they ain’t us.

“Bitch, I’m all the way up, ain’t no pay cuts. Straight to majors, they mad they ain’t us. And now I’m like fuck that,” asserted Lil Debbie.

Additionally, Lil Debbie says haters going to hate.

“They think I’m going crazy. Maybe that’s what you made me. Maybe that’s why these bitches salty. And they love to hate me,” she said.

Meanwhile, they censor Lil Debbie because they don’t like free speech.

“They say my bars too vulgar. Hoe, I’m just gettin’ colder. And that’s the way it is until I say it’s fuckin’ over. Fuck that. Radio station amazing. They still ain’t playin’ my shit,” revealed Lil Debbie.

Overall, I loved the video and music: It was recorded in Amsterdam, Netherland, and it had ok graffiti.

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