White Girl Mob’s “Gotta Ball”

White Girl Mob made some good tracks in their time. The track “Gotta Ball” was one of them. V Nasty and Lil Debbie were the rappers on this one. Indeed, it’s a good track to pump.

Arguably, V Nasty had strong lyrics on this cut. For example, she raps, “Then We Getting Money And Its Finna Talk. Pull Out Twenty Stacks Just To Buy The Whole Mall. I Can Stop Now I’ll Be Damned If I Fall.” She adds freshness to this track.

Additionally, Lil Debbie laid down some dope lyrics. She raps, “Cause It’s Money On My Mind And Bitch I Gotta Ball.” She drives hope the point of the song. She, too, adds class to this video.

Of course, Riff Raff backs them up. He raps over the chorus. Also, Snoop Dogg makes an appearance in this video, but he doesn’t rap in it.

Even so, this is good video and track. It’s good to play in the car if you want something. And the cars in the video are hot, which is real nice eye candy.

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