Makaveli’s “The Don Killuminati”

While being bored out of my mind on a Saturday morning, I listened to Tupac a.k.a Makaveli’s The Don Killuminati, which kind of seemed good. However, I couldn’t get down with the theory behind it: It seemed like there was none.

Basically, Makavelli believed in and practiced by any means necessary, although he ended up in jail. He said that if kings wanted to stay in power, there were morally questionable things that had to be done, which needed to be done. However, this was the price for being king. He wrote his ideas in the book The Prince while rotting in jail.

Originally, his book was written about a Catholic cardinal named Cesare Borgia (two Popes came from the Borgias). This guy wasn’t nice; however, he was able to hold onto power by questionable means; hence, by any means necessary. Oh yeah, Makavelli developed a concept called Virtu, which has to do with having virtuous standards while maintaining authority, yet you got to do whatever is necessary to maintain power like lying or sleeping around. However, he died.

Also, Tupac claimed to do what was necessary by any means, but he’s dead too. Maybe, he did questionable things as suggested in media, but he died and it doesn’t matter.

That being said, the idea here is “Get your hands dirty.” Make an alliance and get someone to do the dirty work. So you break a few eggs to make an omelette. You loose a few fights to win the main event. You get the picture.

Lastly, frankly, it bags the question: Who’s going to save us from these Makevalians and their corrupt brethran? Because you know Cesare Borgia had to become the monster to kill the monster. And there’s always another monster to take his place.

Anyways, the beats and lyrics are good. I guess that’s all that matters huh.

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