City Of Colour’s “Fragile Bird” Music Video

From Little Hell on another long night, I took a listen to City Of Colour’s “Fragile Bird”.

To begin, a person can relate to the lyrics of “Fragile Bird” if they have a friend like the one in this video.

“All I can do is hope she makes it through the night,” the artist sighs.

When going through tribulation, the artist sings about no rest.

“When she sleeps, there is a feverish dream,” says the artist.

At night time on restless nights, the artist’s friend suffers from nightmares.

“It brings the night terrors to this fragile bird. She speaks in tongues,” the artist sings.

Arguably, your heart will pay, and you can get lost when in this world.

“Lost in the dark. She’s got a heavy heart,” the artist warns.

As a consequence, the artist sings about being fragile because times are hard.

“When she wakes in her fragile state, she calls my name. Hoping I will be the same,” cries the artist.

Above all, the artist hopes his friend survives, which means through the night.

“All I can do is hope she makes it through. Through the night,” the artist confides.

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