“Firetruck” by Kreayshawn

“Firetruck” by Kreayshawn on Youtube is something to watch, and it’s a dope track.

Firetruck by Kreayshaw is a beat to flow on. You can hear and feel the rappers flowing with their lyrics. It’s one of those tunes that makes you want to rap. There’s lots of rappers in this song: Kreayshawn, Hollywood Holt, plus others.

Whatever the case, Kreayshawn’s always dope to listen to. From Bumpin’ Bumpin’ to Gucci Gucci, Firetruck is another dope track. As with the rest, the track has a high energy feel to it. It’s a good beat to rap; plus, the rapping is good, too.

That being said, the video is colorful. We see flashing lights. We see people drinking on stage and backstage. Whoever made this video, they used lots of effects to bring the color out.

Interestingly, there is cosplay in this video. In one of the scenes, a rapping chic is dressed as one of the Baseball Furies from the movie “The Warriors”; also, another chic on the stage is dressed as the Joker from “The Dark Knight”. Finally, a dancing chic is dressed in a green suit on stage. Certainly, the cosplay added to the feel and color of the video.

Lastly, I’ll bookmark this video. When I need music, I just listen to this track. Whether its for trolling or rapping, this song has that feelin’ and puts you into the mood. It’s a good track, so take a listen if you want.

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