“Summertime” by Kreayshawn

On a hot summer day, “Summertime” by Kreayshawn is a good tune to hear.

When it’s summer, who doesn’t like to rap about summertime.

“Hey summertime, I really think I’m feelin’ you. Especially when you shinin’ those beams like you do. Grab one beer,” raps Kreayshawn.

Maybe, you just want to grab someone like Kreayshawn.

“A bitch or maybe two. And hit the sand in the water so I get cool. I see a little lady walkin’ with her cheeks out. Gotta pull her by her arm and see what she’s about. Can we go to Hawaii so you can roll my blunts when,” sings Kreayshawn.

However, summertime should be taken in moderation.

I get too high. She’s young and fun and the sun’s here with her. She’s kinda cute but the bitch is gettin’ weirder. I’m gonna roll her in a ball and just kick her. Can’t believe she pulled that,” screams kreayshawn.

When summertime becomes a problem, ditch like Kreayshawn.

“Shit at dinner. Bitch I’m done like the sun on the east side. Kreayshawn again bounce out the G ride. Grab a burger and a chopper then I get to slide. I think I’m gonna leave her now ’cause it’s summertime,” said Kreayshawn.

You can go watch a parade like Kreayshawn.

“Keep cool ’cause you know it’s too hot to bite. When it’s hot out, you know the whole blocks out. Girl you’re gonna get your turn, please don’t start to pout. Puerto Rican Parade in the MA,” says Kreayshawn.

Check out the bikini’s in summer.

“All fine, real fit, she’s a sweetie. Plus she’s lookin’ great in her bikini. It’s summertime and your bitch is on my mind. It’s summertime and your bitch is all mine,” tells Kreayshawn.

You can have water fights or have something to drink.

“Water fights in the hood at the barbecue. Hate to buy a lot but I only trust a few. My type, ice cold, drinking like juice. Chin up, chase it down with the grey goose,” explains Kreayshawn.

It’s summertime and I need tunes. I liked this video and the lyrics. Check it out. You might like it, too.

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