The New Mutants 1 “Initiation!”

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In the following comic review, I’ll look at The New Mutants issue one from 1983 titled “Initiation!”

The New Mutants are Professor Xavier’s newest students at his School for Gifted Youngsters. They have genetic mutant abilities like the Uncanny Xmen. However, they are not trained.

That being said, the New Mutants form a group. These members include Cannonball, Karma, Mirage, Sunspot, and Wolfsbane. Later, they become a team.

The New Mutants have powers, although not knowing to what extent. Cannonball can rocket through the airs. Karma can possess peoples’ bodies. Mirage can create 3D illusions. Sunspot gets superhuman strengh from the sun’s energy. Wolfsbane can turn into a wolf. We learn about their abilities in the first issue.

To begin, New Mutants issue 1 is called “Initiation!” In this story, the New Mutants meet at Professor X’s mansion. They show off their powers to each other. Moreover, Karma and Dani get into a fight after Dani uses her power to expose Karma’s worst fear. Finally, the New Mutants go through their first training session in the “danger room”.

Once again, this comic is interesting because it hightlights secret organizations in society with extraordinary powers. Everyone knew these kinds of people and organizations existed even back in the 1980s. New Mutants exposes another secret organization in society.

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