What Up, Hardwood?!

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Between YouTube music videos and writing, I watched Hardwood on VaughnLive on Thursday, March 1, 2017, at 3 am.

Initially, Hardwood was talking about cigarettes, although I couldn’t tell.

“No, the cherry fell out,” he sounded.

Apparently, he does renovations. He mentioned, “It’s hard to burn tile and it’s also under my chair. The carpet is ripped out.” Indeed, Hardwood is a handyman.

Furthermore, he played music, which chatters didn’t want to hear.

“This is so far from what you want to hear…ACDC,” he laughed.

While casting, Hardwood was tired, which was understandable since it was 3 am. He yawned and said, “Wait, you posted it,” as he looked up at the cam. Additionally, Hardwood said, “It’s a bad sign when my ass yawns,” continuing to reply to chat, “I had a little nap, but it wasn’t enough.” It was the middle of the night as he casted.

In the past, Hardword installed a wood stove.

“It’s kind of like plywood. I pulled it up because the carpet is old as fuck. I put a wood stove in here,” he pointed out.

Not casting on Vaughnlive or lurking, Hardwood watches Youtube videos.

“I was watching stuff on Youtube,” he related.

Realizing he needs to fix some stuff, Hardwood installs windows.

“Windows soles. I have to redo mine,” he remembered.

Throughout the days, lately, Hardwood stares at the rain.

“The wind is terrible. Nothing like have high winds. It’s rainy and muddy,” he quivered.

However, Hardwood can visit the dairy farm, although he chooses not to go.

“I just don’t…It’s like I can go down to dairy farm and watch births everyday,” he passed on to chat.

Doing his broadcast, Hardwood listens to Kriss Kross because it’s music.

“Kriss Kross can shut the fuck up,” he snapped.

As his show continued, Hardwood began to not care.

“I’m putting my cig out on my desk anyways cause I don’t give a fuck,” he announced.

Between puffs of smoke, Hardword talked about random stuff. Hardword said, “If you survive that. Welcome to the fucking world beotch,” as he smiled, “Now, you made soldier ill talking about this crap.” Certainly, Hardwood talked about interesting things.

Smoking his cigarattes, Hardwood chilled.

“I think I need another cig…I’m going to have a hard time concentrating and relaxing and having fun,” he told chat.

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