SuperDestructobot’s Cooking Show

During one afternoon in January, I watched SuperDestructobot’s cooking show on Vaughnlive.

SuperDestructobot has simple recipes, which she makes on cam.

“All these ingredients you can find at a local bodega,” she said.

Additionally, she put the recipe in chat.

“There’s the ingredient list if you want to take a look,” she pointed out.

Of course, SuperDestructobot makes easy meals, which are simple to cook.

“This is one of the easiest things you can make,” she announced.

Moreover, she made enough for her family.

“This makes two to three serving,” she replied.

Plus, SuperDestructobot cooked rice.

“Rice expands to twice its size. This meal will last 3 day. If you want to put it in a Zip Lock bag and freeze it it will last longer,” she said.

SuperDestructobot uses microwavable bags to store food.

“Put it in a microwave bag. You have an instant meal,” she added.

Furthermore, she stores fried rice in bags, which are handy.

“I done this with a fried rice version,” she revealed.

Likewise, SuperDestructobot likes to cook for the family.

“I don’t cook just for myself. I cook for my father and mother,” she replied.

That being said, her meals last for months.

“If you leave in freezer you can leave it in for 3 to 6 months. Just make sure to write date on it,” she advised.

Apparently, SuperDestructobot’s friend was in a hiphop movie.

“My friend made that movie The Hiphop Witch,” she laughed.

Finally, she gave some helpful tips.

“There is one way to remove garlic smell on your hand. Rub lemon juice or use stainless steal bar of soap, which is completely stainless steel,” SuperDestructobot explained. “I had this tamato sauce in the frig for awhile. Do a smell test. If it smells bad, don’t use it cause it can ruin the dish.”

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