Krissy’ UPS Problems, Almost Dying, And God

On Saturday 21th January, I got to watch Krissy’ show on Vaughnlive in her new apartment. She chatted about things bothering her, coming close to death, and her relationship with the creator. Krissy had a lot to say in her new condo.

Apparently, Krissy slept on the floor in her new apartment, although she was on a mattress.

“He took it all the way up the steps[the bed] and I was sleeping on the floor on a mattress,” she said to chatters.

Furthermore, Krissy was having problems with Amazon.

“I was testy with Amazon earlier today,” she commented. “I felt like I was fighting everyone all day,” she related.

According to Krissy, UPS doesn’t wait.

“I talked to the manager that the UPS guy didn’t even wait,” she said. “If they don’t have to wait, why am I getting you to deliver it? It’s ridiculous. It really is.”

UPS ruined Krissy’ online delivery experience.

“Like I told the UPS guy ‘Get the fuck off my property!’ He terrified me! He rushed the door. He didn’t see me and I ran into the house first and he was screaming like a lunatic!” she cried. “You’re terrifying me and scary. I was looking at the door and the knob and thinking ‘Lock it quietly and walk up stairs quietly and call 911.'”

However, Krissy noticed some patterns about the cable guy.

“Same thing with cable guy. They know you’re home! They don’t want you to be home so they don’t have to do there jobs. They don’t want to do their jobs.” she said, “They just leave shat on your front door steps.”

That being said, Krissy questions human delivery.

“Drones! Why is the human being even delivering it,” she wondered.

Ironically, Krissy says online shopping is the future.

“Because of online purchasing, they are taking away business from malls. Because there are stabbing and shootings in malls,” she warned.

Krissy sees nobody on Vaughnlive these days.

“Nobody else is on Vaughnlive and it’s just dying,” she observed.

Nonetheless, she played Audioslave and it was time for a conference.

“Like a pagan…take me to heaven…like a stone, ” Chris Cornell sang.

On the positive side, Krissy likes God.

“I like God a lot and a lot of people don’t know that about me. I have a good relationship with God, which I admit,” she revealed.

Krissy wants her man to be a believer in God.

“I want to get this off my chest. You can’t be king, so you learn how to service…From me, it means a lot to me if the guy believes,” she confessed. “I don’t want somebody who thinks negative and if we are here for no reason. That is a sad life…Wouldn’t that be sad if there was nothing beyond this?”

Indeed, Krissy wondered if anyone goes to church.

“Nobody goes to church anyways? I was pretty sure the usher was giving me the eye. I still have to put money in the church basket,” she said. “Its hard to go to church and things are really bad” a stunned Krissy said.

That being said, Krissy’s man must be a believer in God.

“This should be an important question for me and dating. I should ask the question, ‘Do you believe in God before we go any further in this relationship?” she questioned.

Last year, Krissy almost died.

“I was saved. I almost died last year in a car crash..” she cried.

Now, she’ll check out a black church.

“I want to go to a black church and really get into it,” she said.

In the end, Krissy played a song and stopped casting.

“I will end with a song. I’m just murmuring and mumbling and nobody is around. This is not where I want to be. I just got to go,” she concluded.

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