From ASMR To Presidents With SuperDestructobot

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SuperDestructoBot was casting on Thurday, January 12, 2017, at around noon on VaughnLive. Mainly, she talked about AMSR and presidents. These are some takes from her broadcast.

As she started to chat with chatters, SuperDestructobot said weed had an impact on rioters; that is, the laziness of weed smokers caused them to be mellow last year.

“If you get everyone smoking weed, nobody is going to riot. They will just sit down on the curb and say,

‘Yeaaaaah!'” She declared.

Meanwhile, she drank coffee from her mug.

“What is wrong with me? I need more coffee. Girl, shut the fuck up,” SuperDestructobot sipped.

Furthermore, she sang “An Ordinary World” by Duran Duran.

“Somehow, I will make my way in this ordinary world. Somehow, I will survive,” DestructoRobot sang.

Apparently, SuperDestructobot was a weight lifter.

“I used to do weights in high school. I would love to have weights. I would rather do that than that bullshit yoga,” she pointed out.

SuperDestructobot listens to ASMR which is the whispering of words.

“If you guys have massive anxiety and you can’t calm down for anything, go to this guys channel. If you need to go to sleep and zonk out,” she said, adding that “if you need to calm down and you have axietnty issues, and your brain is too alert, put that guy on and that’s it.” DestructoRobot recommended ASMR channel for anxiety: ASMR Video

According to SuperDestructobot, Bob Ross had a soothing voice.

“That shit knocks me out. Anyone with a sleepy voice will put me out. Bob Ross is one,” she said. “Bob Ross is gone. Too bad he’s gone. God only takes the good ones,” she signed.

Plus, SuperDestructobot dyed her hair.

“See my white hair is gone. I dyed it. It’s all gone,” she announced.

Also, SuperDestructobot doesn’t trust airport security, which shouldn’t be low quality.

“At the airport, I would rather go through the xray scanner. It’s just some Ubisoft image. Keep you hands of me Mr. Fifteen Dollars An Hour. I know you were working at Staples last month. The amount of training that goes into those places…Keep your hands off me,” she cautioned.

Nevertheless, She jokes about smoking crack which is an illegal drug.

“The first four of my day are slow as fuck…As soon as I wake up, you are not going to see the best part of me. The best part of waking up is smoking crack cocaine,” SuperDestructobot laughed.

Further, SuperDestructobot would rather see Obama on TV than Trump, who is president-elect.
“I’d rather see Obama on TV than idiot Trump on TV,” she admitted.

That being said, SuperDestructobot believes Trump is no leader.

“Trump doesn’t have what it takes to be an actual leader. If you see the New York Times interview….Don’t get me started. Trump doesn’t care. He has no manners. Trumps has no filters. He has no finese. He’s just a blow fart,” she mused.

Ultimately, She believes CNN is evil.

“CNN is the devil. Basically, any conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch. Any foreign news is good. On occasions, I would look at the Young Turks website. What I don’t look at is Alex Jones. That guy is nuts!…I guess it’s easy to win an argument when you’re the only one talking,” Superdestructobot warned.

After the long chat and show, SuperDestructobot returned to sewing her guitar bag.

“It’s a nylon bag for guitar,” she added.

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