Kreayshawn Returns To Freestyling On Periscope

On Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 5 a.m, I checked out Kreayshawn’s Periscope on YouTube. Apparently, Kreayshawn is back to freestyling.

To begin, Kreayshaw got skillz on Periscope.

“I got beans, bean, tomatos, greens…,” she rapped.

Moreover, she doesn’t rap alone, so Kreayshawn’ friends freestyle with her.

“Want to hear the most iconic freestyling? This is me, Vanessa,…,” she announced.

However, her friends got her in trouble, and Kreayshawn acted like a fool at the airport.

“We’re outside the airport and we’re just playing this. And going insane, dumb,” she pointed out.

Yet, Kreayshawn’ friends won’t remember anything after this Periscope.

“You are not going to remember anything I’m doing,” she replied.

Meanwhile, Kreayshawn was freestyling while drunk.

“I’m about to spit this flow…just got a big bottle of Hennessy,” she flowed.

Eventually, Kreayshawn freestyled about dicks.

“Why can I have seven hundred viewers when I rap about stinky dicks,” she wondered.

Apparently, Kreayshawn wanted to be photographed on Periscope.

“Screen shot this,” she posed.

Furthermore, Kreayshawn admitted to stealing in her past.

“I was at a party the other night and I stole hella boxes of Dove soap. So that’s why I’m thinking about it now. Don’t let em know. Don’t invite Kreayshawn to another party,” she pleaded, “or Kreayshawn will steal all your soaps and lotions…I steal sometimes I used to be a thief,” she confessed.

With that in mind, crime doesn’t pay, yet Kreayeshawn can’t spit a freestyle while listening to certain beats.

“Some beats you can’t even freestyle on cause all you can think about is the songs,” she declared.

In any case, Periscope is a show for Kreayshawn.

“Being on Periscope is like a mini performance. I mean, I freestyled for an hour straight,” she pleaded

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