Reaction To Awolnation’ “Sail” Music Video

By 7 p.m on December 7th in my so-called life all of my attention was focused with much anticipation on watching Awolnation’s Sail.

As the video rolls, two women stand in the center. One is soaked in water. The other has a water hose. Apparently, they’re having a water fight.

As the lyrics of the video reveal, love is being expressed through a water fight.

“This is how I show my love. I made it in my mind because. Blame it on my ADD baby,” the artist responds.

As the artist sings, one of the woman has ADD in the video.

“This is how an angel dies. Blame it on my own sick pride. Blame it on my ADD baby,” the artist protests.

Furthermore, the artist sings about suicide in the video.

“Maybe I should cry for help. Maybe I should kill myself (myself). Blame it on my ADD baby,’ the artists cries.

Nonetheless, the artist sings about not listening by the end of the video.

“Maybe I’m a different breed. Maybe I’m not listening. So blame…,” the artist muses. “La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,” trails the singer.

Finally, the two women fight as the video ends.

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