Jen’ Back


On VaughnLive, Jen broadcasted where she usually does. By afternoon, on a slow day, of November, I watched.

On her first day back, her chat was packed with chatters.

“Same shit. Different day, Cheeseyrider?” she reiterated.

During the cast, Jen shouted out.

“Good to see you Brandie,” she said.

Apparently, Jen has mugs of RaunchFox.

“I got to make a page on my website to start selling these things. I got boxes and boxes of mugs,” she revealed. “I got the boxes to ship them in now…I’m going to start selling them next week.”

Moreover, Jen has bills that must be paid.

“I was very complacent and lazy. I wasn’t getting anywhere in life. My bills were piling up, so I had to get my shit together,” she said.

However, she’ll keep one mug of RaunchFox.

“I might be my only Raunchfox mug, so I got to keep one,” she reminisced.

In the meantime, she exposed retarded Glen on her channel from YouTube.

“Glen who? Are you talking about that retard clown. Who puts stuff on YouTube,” she scoffed.

To begin, Jen dished the gossip on the clown.

“Do you want to know why Glen doesn’t like me? Do you want to hear the story. Mark was in here, and someone came in here and talking shit about my dead boyfriend and got banned. Glen was a guest and mark knew,” she disclosed.

Furthermore, she was upset as the cast rolled.

“She’ll get something out of you then treat you like shit. She’s a manipulator. I decided to put up some healthy boundaries and not let her treat me like. I’m really a nice person. I give people a lot of chances. I let her move in here,” she said.

She talked about religion of her family, yet she was spiritual.

“My whole family is very religious. I’m very spiritual, but I’m not religious,” she pointed out.

In the end, I was tired by end of Jen’ cast on a slow day.

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