Krissy’ New Place


After watching some Youtube, I returned to Krissy’s VaughnLive channel on Saturday, November 26, 2016–good one, Krissy!

After living with her parents, Krissy moved to a new apartment.

“Three times as big as my old place. I have five closets, and one is a walk-in closet,” she exclaimed. “Free hot water! Free cold water!..No, not free wifi.”

Nevertheless, there was problems with maintenance.

“The maintenance guy came to fix the plumbing…He took a dump in my toilet. You know how I know? There were shit stains in the bowl,” she pointed out. “I had to call and complain. I already bleached the toilet. Thank you for using the air freshener and toilet paper that I paid for!..I don’t want any maintenance people in here.”

Moreover, Krissy’ home lacked a warrant of habitability under property law.

“There’s no circuit breaker cover…Should a building inspector come here, that is highly illegal,” she warned. “This is privately owned. They get away with not giving me a fire extinguisher here…It’s illegal and uninhabitable.”

Furthermore, her house shifted–though it might need braces.

“The building has shifted apparently. Its an old building. It was built in the 1970s,” she explained.


In the meantime, Vaughnlive changed during Krissy’ sabbatical.

“I came on to tell you I’m not going to fall off the face of the earth…I don’t want to be on a tranny channel. This isn’t trendy and never going to take me anywhere,” she laughed. “I was watching Netradiodj…She was talking to Joe walsh, Foxman, and all those men that want to have sex with men, and she was talking to them and wants them back here…They were banned trolls and were horrible to people. She wants them back!”

Lately, VaughLive has become a rest home for senior citizens.

“I don’t feel…The audience isn’t the group I fit into. If I don’t enjoy myself, why am I wasting my time?” she observed. “This used to be a great site. It’s just kind of dying. The social end used to be the best part of it…It’s just getting real gay.”

Furthermore, VaughLive has lost it appeal.

“Vaughn has been kind of dead. Been kind of old geezerish,” she laughed. “You know its dead when Irishspring is featured. I don’t even want to laugh at it.”

Additionally, other social websites have problems that can’t be ignored.

“I don’t like Ivlog. You just can’t browse channels,” she said.

On a separate note, Krissy hates the smokers under her apartment.

“They smoke cigarettes underneath their neighbors to fucking kill them, apparently!” she growled. “I can smell smoke. I put a towel under the door…its coming from the walls[the smoke].”

From her apartment, Krissy steamed after her rant.

“You don’t tell me what to do. So bye bye!” she commanded.

After Krissy’s rant, I laughed and thought, “Next, Krissy will be telling us that her neighbor follows her from room to room, underneath her. And she can hear her, too.”


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