Killer Night With Dollparts


Without understanding why, I watched Dollpart’ VaughnLive channel on Friday, November 4, 2016–which I was feeling.

Between signed in chatters and quests, Dollparts was stoned, although fighting it.

“I’m too high,” she giggled. “Go a bit lower.”

Whether out of it or not, she talked about Hayley, which could be anyone.

“I miss Hayley,” she pouted. “She gone out. I love Hayley.”

Although very talkative, Dollparts wanted to go outside; that is, she was bored of casting.

“I need to go out,” she exclaimed. “Yeah, it’s late. I forgot. Someone else cast.”

Between moments of bored, she played Killer songs: From the album Hot Fuss.

“Everything will be alright,” assured the Killers. “Now, they’re going to bed….jealousy.”

Because there was nothing else to do, Dollparts played a favorite Killers song; regardless, we listened to it.

“This is the best song by the Killers,” claimed Dollparts. “I’m Mr.Brightside.”

Nonetheless, she played more Killers.

“When there is no where else to run…If you can’t hold on,” sang the Killers.

Eventually, she played a Killers song, which I liked

“He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus,” Killers sang, “when you were young. Smile like you mean it.”

To be sure, Dollparts was funny because of restlessness.

“People are weird…Getting water,” she said. “Go to bed. I’m restless. And bored. And tired. And wanting to do things.”

For the most part, Dollparts wasn’t happy; nevertheless, I laughed too.
“I’m tired of things. Ha ha ha ha. I’m not happy.”


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