TheRealMelSpradlin Shows Off Her Shaggy, Hulking Husband!



On Friday, September 16th at eleven o’clock pm, I was watching VaughnLive’s TheRealMelSprakin, which was cool.

Tonight, TheRealMelSpradlin a.k.a Mel was listening to music, and she didn’t like some guests because of rude comments.

“I don’t want to be playing that. I don’t like it,” said Mel. “Well, this ain’t the room for you 219,” she said


Unexpectedly, Mel’s cast was interrupted because of some technical difficulty.

“This should be way better lightening,” said Mel.

Nevertheless, Mel was dressed up for casting, which was nice.

“Actually, I’m meeting some peoples,” said Mel. “I wish Sergio didn’t leave…Sergio called in. That was great,” she added.

Though looking awfully pretty, Mel talked about her loving husband, although being a little naughty.

“He actually works a hardcore job,” shouted Mel. “My husband is off work tonight and tomorrow. I’m actually getting laid tonight,” whispered Mel.

What is more, Mel was happy about her husband, although some guests questioned that.

“She’s talking to her pretend husband,” said Guest_57792040871. “If you were my wife I would cut the internet,” said Guest_82742036091.

As I was leaving Mel’s channel, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirited” played when Mel said something interesting.

“Guest’s lives matter. Guests can win in here. Much better if you sign in. Don’t think I don’t know, ” concluded Mel.

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