Instant Go Live App

Ah, the Instant Go Live app, the epitome of technological wonder! Be on the internet without the internet. With its promise of mirrors and servers available anytime anywhere anyplace at the snap of a finger, because who doesn’t need an emergency mirror at 3 AM? And the no censorship, no oversight policy—because who needs pesky guidelines or responsible content moderation? Who needs Facebook or YouTube when you have an app that makes all other platforms obsolete? No internet or 5G required to go live here. Unstoppable, huh. And of course, it works on any device because why wouldn’t your ancient smartphone need an instant live streaming app? The Instant Go Live app: because the world was desperately waiting for another unfiltered, no cost, unmonitored, and unparalleled chaos generator.

I wonder if Jesus knew about this? This Babel? I guess it’s true. Nothing is impossible for Man. Teleportation, black holes, watever.

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