The pace was sluggish in the Multiverse room of Battlecam. The melody of “Please don’t go” resonated from someone’s stream as I observed, my thoughts wandering elsewhere.

Was that a rendition of a Michael Jackson track? Perhaps it belonged to the Jackson Five repertoire. There existed numerous songs of that sort. I’m uncertain.

My thoughts were engrossed in subleases and assignees. The municipality held ownership of a property, an airport hangar, which it had leased out. I was contemplating the prospect of subletting or assigning it to an airplane mechanic in need of workspace. My mind had wandered into a different realm.

A female gamer was visible on the camera feed. She was the solitary voice on Battlecam at the moment. I managed to catch a few snippets of her discussing her gaming.

Naturally, Big Smiles and Delusional also made their appearance on camera today. However, they seemed to be at a loss for words. It was a rather uneventful day. Mundane, indeed.

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