The Walking Dead: Dead City

The Walking Dead: Dead City takes us back to a time, although in the future, when the US Constitution only applied to Congress. And what that looked like. When the states had most of the power. And the federal government had little power. TWD: Dead City makes you imagine a time when the federal government had next to no power in a time of slavery and powerful states.

To set this series off, we are on Manhattan Island. And Negan and Maggie are being chased by a local Babylon Sheriff who follows some new city penal code. Anyways, after crossing the Hudson River, the Sheriff is out of his jurisdiction when he crosses the border, although he has no clue.

However, Dead City is about borders and those problems in regards to limits on state police power. The Babylon Marshall says, “The law. That’s what keeps our federations of states at peace.” Ironically, here we return to a time in U.S. history when the articles of confederation were the main form of government, although set in a dystopia future.

Something interesting: Dead City touches on the issue of free speech. As one knows, in the time of the articles of confederation, states could ban free speech, if they pleased; it was a time when states had a huge state police power. In regards to free speech, the federal government or Congress was only restricted by the first amendment; therefore, states could ban free speech, and we see things like free speech or the land of liberty is dead in this future version of New York, as the TV series poster points out.

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