“Homies,” trolled casters on my little IPhone screen. “That looks like Westside and DsDeadlyKiller.”

Trolling and talk centered around Homies toys.

“They stereotype people like men are sexists or racists hate; that sort of thing,” I thought while I wondered, “Should I go to class or go for a jog.”

“Women are all homemakers,” which popped in my head. “Irish are all angry.”

“Black people are good at sports.”

I thought, this Tinychat room has an “evil eye” and “unequal hand”.

Tinychat has embedded racism. They say no racism or everyone is equal, on their disclaimer. But it’s an inside joke. Tinychat rooms do not practise what they preach because people say racist things or do not treat all people the same in those rooms.

Tinychat is not like a JW congregation. The congregation will not put up with your racism, if you don’t change. They will disfellowship you, and you lose privileges in the Kingdom Hall. You will not be a brother or sister.

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