Ultimately Nomads is a film about mental illness. About Dissociative Identity Disorder a.k.a demonic possession, particularly. That being said, you might not be who you think you are.


You just looked too closely. Most people are luckier. They never know that a certain percentage of what they see is not there. The problem now is not what you know; it’s what they know. You. They know about you. Go away. Leave your house. And change your job. Go and hide yourself. You can still survive this. But you must not try to fight them. Listen to me. If you have never run from anything in your life, run from this. They are leading you into another world. They brought you here. You must leave now; don’t pursue this. Go. Do as I say. Listen, it won’t end with you. For the sake of those, you’ll leave them too. 

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