If you reimagine Impulse’s “In Memoriam,” you see new things. For one, Townes is “Leroy Jenkins,” an online persona. Not only this, Leroy Jenkins’’ online girlfriend ghosts him, which makes me wonder why she’s bothering an autistic boy. As well, Townes dreams and imagines his day before it happens. And to top off missed points, the writers make subtle suggestions about mental illness. Finally, race is explored at the end of this broadcast.

To start, here’s something new: Townes uses a fake identity to play games online. As well, he uses this fake ID “Leroy Jenkins” to chat online.  All Townes online buddies know him as “Leroy.”

Here’s another interesting missed point: Zoe ghosts Townes. She does not meet Townes at the school science ceremony. I thought it weird that “Leroy” pronounced his love for Zoe and she did the same while later ghosting Townes.

Townes autistic disability really comes out in this airing. For one, Townes is obsessed with order and structure- his clothes are on hangers in order. Not only this, he needs routine or goes crazy.

In fact, Townes imagines his day before it even happens. He’s right on the money, even to the part where his sister comes to his door. Townes dreams his day before it happens.

Another thing, Henry needs to control her teleporting power. Every time something fearful happens, Henry teleports home. Perhaps, the writers are suggesting people need to have self control. 

You missed this: the writers make a statement about mental illness. In one scene, Henry tells Jenna about her seizures and her dad’s schizophrenia. Jenna then adds we can all make a sitcom now. Right after this, the school announces everyone to meet when the football game starts. That being said, it’s like the writers wanted to suggest everyone is crazy by adding in that school announcement at that moment.

Did you know racism comes out in this airing? Henry tells Jenna to be careful when she finds out about her boyfriend, an African American boy. That being said, Henry never suggested being careful around other cast characters, so once again, the writers are making statements about race in a quiet fashion.

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