The Batman, Micheal Keaton, the older Batman, the 60 something Batman, Batman from 1989, Batman Beyond however you want to think of him, returns from an alternate universe. So move over Ben Afflick, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, Robert Patterson, and Adam West Batmen. This is what happens with particle colliders. This is what happens when different universes collide.

Here, we got Batman. I mean the Micheal Keaton Batman from the 1989 movie timeline. And this Batman is in the present. Along with his somewhat dated simple Batman uniform, he is 60 years old or something and he’s gone grey. And he’s still fighting while battered and bruised from years of crime fighting. What the hell is he doing in this time? This feels strange and different as hell, but it is right!

As you know, currently, there is a dark Batman floating around: Robert Paterson. This Batman is from now; that is, our timeline. He has all the latest tech and a stylish uniform. Also, he’s extremely violent compared to the earlier Micheal Keaton Batman or Adam West Batman.

At some point, alternate universes collide. The Batman from 1989 catches up to 2023 in his timeline while the current Batman continues. What happens when the two timelines collide?

Here’s something about earlier Batmans. In the Batman Detective Comics from the 1930s, they celebrated Christmas, for example. What happened to those Batman’s because they all disappeared along with their timelines and universes. Like people with pasts and stories, that stuff still exists somewhere and continues in an alternate universe to this day.

Can you imagine what this Batman from the 1930s would think if he was in our current timeline, our universe? He would wonder why not everyone celebrates Christmas. Hell, current Batman’s do not celebrate Christmas for that matter in their movies. 1930s Batman certainly would not be as violent or dark as the Patterson Batman or the Adam West Batman of the 1960s. But the Batman from the 1930s still exists and his timeline continues in his universe.

Tell me something. You can go anywhere you want, right? Any timeline, any universe. Why do you want to stay and fight for this one? You change the future and you change the past.

When it comes to postmodernism, knowledge and power, and the reaction to modernism, Micheal Keaton’s Batman hit the nail on the head with his quote. He questioned why The Flash wants him and his timeline. Here. Keaton is referring to a resistance, on the part of The Flash, to current normalized forms of power and knowledge in the current universe. However, If the Flash can unearth forgotten forms of knowledge, he can mount a resistance and exercise his own power in our current time, because in our current timeline, the Flash is a subject of knowledge and power; an unpleasant situation to say the least in which the Flash does not like.


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