Here’s how “Vita/Mors” is reimagined in Impulse. First, it gets into murderous international secret forces. Second, you may of missed all the secret weapons to deal with people like Henry who are teleporters. Also, you missed we are all blind. Toward the end, you may of missed all the religious people under federal investigation. As well, you must of missed how state police officers tread on federal jurisdiction in regards to databases containing border logs and how those officers email classified border logs. Lastly, you might of missed Jamie Lee Curtis. I hope you enjoy this reimagining of another Impulse episode.

In this reimagining, here’s one you missed: How are the international secret force killers ever going to stop people from teleporting? That question is posed in this segment. You see the enemies of teleporters operate in secret, but teleporters know about them.

Perhaps, the enemies will use secret weapons. In this airing, the enemies use a sound device that only teleporters can hear. Apparently this device stops teleporters from momentarily teleporting. However, once the teleporters recover the device is no good.

All this secret war reminds me of another not so secret secret war. This example comes from the bible where angels secretly kill secret multinational military forces who secretly try to kill God’s followers at the end of the world. (Rev. 16: 14, 16)

Elsewhere, this episode sees Henry teleport to her childhood home. But she has vague memories of her childhood, so she doesn’t know where she is. I bet you missed this, but you probably returned to your childhood home too, at some point.

It should be said this broadcast deals with our blindness. Everyone is blind because we only see light aka electromagnetic radiation aka wave lengths which translates to electrical chemical signals in our brain. That being said, it’s kind of shocking to know memories are just electrical chemical reactions between neurons aka brains, in a clump of wet, moist carbon. I bet you missed we are really blind.

This show points out religions that do crime. Here, we could give an example of Tammy Faye Baker or any other TV evangelicals convicted of a crime. But this episode points out Mennonite’s who traffic fentanyl at the border of Canadian provinces; that is, Mennonites who traffic fentanyl in the US, but this TV series is shot in Canada, but the series is aimed at Americans.

This broadcast suggests local cops treading on federal jurisdiction. I bet you missed the part where officer Walker gets access to border logs from another cop to investigate Mennonite’s trafficking at the border. I guess, this state police/federal agent jurisdictional confusion is due to a confusing 200-year-old plus US Constitution in regards to state and federal jurisdiction. But as one knows, in Supreme Court law cases, state executive officers do not have to follow Supreme Court decisions, because the Constitution says nowhere that the Supreme Court interprets the law.

in the US, state police officers are not bound by federal law. The US Constitution’s Supremacy Clause outlines this fact. This is why federal agents and state police officers bump heads.

Here’s one I know you missed. Only Canadian provinces have provincial “family days” where they can take a day off from work. It’s call “Family Fun Day” in this episode. Jenna brings it up to Henry, but it’s really another kind of Sunday. You had to look hard to find this gem, because it’s not a thing in US states; that being the case, this series was shot in Canada.

During this episode, Henry really gets into what teleporting is. In one scene, she tells Townes she woke up somewhere else, “She teleported.” Plus, she tells Townes teleporting is like “changing” or “It’s changing.”

This show looks at Cleo and Bill. It looks at their different class backgrounds. Basically, Cleo is poor and Bill is rich. At one point, Cleo laughs at Bill working hard for two weeks and understanding her while she works hard all the time at a diner as she raises a teenager.

You had to miss this scene in this episode where there is a similar scene to Jamie Lee Curtis in the Halloween movie. In the said scene, Henry is sleeping in class while daydreaming which Jamie Lee Curtis does in Halloween too. Only in Henry’s scene the teacher is mumbling while the teacher in Halloween is talking about fate, a mountain, where it stands and man passes away like a day of reckoning. I bet you missed this Jamie Lee Curtis like scene in Vita/Mors.

Perhaps, these scenes point to something sinister on an unconscious level. While you may not be totally aware or awake to this fact, someone is watching in secret and that someone is bad. Meanwhile, at the same time, someone is watching in secret and is good. But in the background of all this unconsciousness, there are secret, hidden, and sinister events unfolding.

Here’s a final topic you missed: The scene on “sexting,” if you weren’t paying attention to this airing. In that scene, Clay brags to his fellow football jocks about getting the nudes of the rival school football captain’s sister. I guess the writers wanted to expose all the pornography distributed my minors on the internet. Perhaps, the writers should of mentioned distributing pornography involving minors Carrie’s an instant jail time with an enhanced sentence for really obscene images.

Briefly, I missed a few things in the first show of this episode, The whole part of secret forces killing teleporters passed by me. As well, I missed the whole part that we are actually blind. Finally, I did not recognize the Jamie Lee Curtis tie-in. I enjoyed this reimagining.

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