One is a music video about many things. For one, it’s about the retarded, pointless idea of democracy. Also, it points out the fact that reality and dreams are the same when you get down to it. Plus. it shows how dangerous the time of post modernity really is. However, “One” offers some hope, even though it may be in the form of death.

This music video talks about democracy. You know, that process that masquerades as a solution. Since when did giving a vote to a crazy person or a majority of insane people ever help you? Anyways, the kid in this video went off to war to fight for that idea and died. Nothing got better for this slave/soldier, huh?

But what can you expect in a post modern time? Where all the grand narratives have be debunked and one is left with ever present disenchantment. What can “one” do when you can never return to tradition? Where do you go from here?

Perhaps, you do what this one chap figured out. You may ask yourself, “What the hell is the difference between reality and a dream?” When you get down to it, they both are electrical chemical reactions in the brain. One day you will figure this out.

Maybe, too, you will come to “one’s” solution too. Why go on? Why bother in creating meaningless post modern traditions. Everyone knows unity is a dream that was lost long ago in the 1600s. Anyways, you, too, may come to one’s solution, and see death as a last hope in which God is merciful.

in sum, I liked this video. Though on the dark side, it really struck me. Anyways, I hope you liked it too:)

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