Episode 34 was a trip down memory lane. The guests remembered Turner and his lack of showers. Also, the house remembered the muffin man. The house, too, remembered the bad moments in the game with mad Daniel and racist Kyle. This broadcast was all memories.

In review, the three house guests bring up Turner’s need to shower. As a result, the BB producers bring up scenes where Turner is asked to shower throughout the season. The house guest enjoy a nice classy meal while discussing Turner’s dirty feet.

Some memories of Taylor come up for review, too.

“Who would of thought… I am still here,” Taylor smiles at the dinner table.

Another good memory of Turner comes up about Jasmine. That memory involved Turner eating one of Jasmine’s muffins and not telling her. Jasmine was so mad because she could not find the person who did it. Thus, BB brings up Turner is the muffin man.

Here’s the 3 house guests remembering  about Daniel while they enjoy a classy meal.

“Remember he came out swinging after Nicole got voted out,”Turner remembers. “Daniel was an emotional wreck,” adds Monty. “I am happy Daniel isn’t yelling at me right now. There is always an explosion with that one,” Taylor says about Daniel.

In the house guest trip down memory lane, Turner’s dirty feet get some air time on BB.

“There has to be a shower to that,” Joseph grimaces after seeing Turners’s foot caked with dirt.

In retrospect, It turns out Dyre Fest may of been worse than Ja Rule’s Fyre Fest. 

“It feels like we are trapped in a hot car in a parking lot. It was pretty bad,” reveals Turner about Dyrefest, since he should know after living in a van.

The house guests remember the bad times too.

“One of the toughest weeks, we found out about Kyle. His game moves rooted in racism,” Monty points out about Kyle.

There is one interesting scene the house guests remembered about racism.

“We have never had an opportunity to win this game, because we were ostrichsized as soon as we came into this house,” says Terrance to a naive Kyle.

Finally, the guest remember a funny moment in the BB house.

“Now we have a bunch of flies moving in… On my water bottle,” said Joseph on the flies in the BB house.

In summary, there were good and bad moments in the BB house. Certainly, living with Turner’s BO was a bad moment. As well, Turner’s eating Jasmine’s muffin was a good moment. On a serious note, though, Terrance is right about historical wrongs done to African Americans, which the house wasn’t willing to acknowledge. But ok review in retrospect.

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