This episode was like a cartoon. We begin with Taylor’s nose which seems to be growing like Pinochio’s nose.. Also, these past few days, Alissa is smiling a lot. Not only this, Kyle is looking like a Scooby-Doo character in the Punkaroo POV. As well, BB feels fake as hell. These are just some highlights for episode 18 of Big Brother.

To start, as a result of going up on the block, Terrance is gaining some wisdom. “The only thing that gets easier is you learn how to pack faster,” reveals Terrance, a long-time block resident, during DR.

My gosh, Taylor lies to Terrance’s face, in this broadcast. She said he was just a pawn, and she wants to get Monty out. However, Monty and Taylor are working together. Unbeknownst to Taylor, Terrance knows Taylor is a liar.

It seems Taylor can’t stop lying. Taylor admits to telling Indy a lie in DR. Taylor’s nose keeps growing.

Alissa took away Taylor’s London trip in Punkaroo. Taylor got mad and wants revenge. Meanwhile, Alissa has been smiling a lot in the BB house.

It’s this episode where Indy really doesn’t know what time it is. We see her in the pool smiling, wearing sunglasses, and on a BB tube. Meanwhile, house guests are circling around the pool like a bunch of sharks just waiting to send her packing. But Indy plays nice and doesn’t even fight to stay. In fact Indy seems to be off in another world.

I had to laugh at the Punkaroo comp. Kyle is so not punk. He should of been in the Scooby-Doo Where Are You POV comp. Not cool, Kyle.

In case you haven’t figured it out, not much is natural in BB. Whenever a house guest mods a comp, they sound so scripted. Also, the  DR sessions sound phoney as hell. I bet CBS producers hand house guests a script, saying, ”Say this! Or you don’t get your money.”

To conclude, I got some laughs. Kyle was funny looking in the POV. And Alissa looked real satisfied when taking Taylor’s London trip. Not a bad show, I must say.

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