Here are some highlights from tonight’s Big Brother. To start, Big Brother’s HOH comp is about misinformation; that is, things like false reports, misleading news, or conspiracy theories. Moving on, Taylor wins HOH, since she has the endurance. Plus, this episode sees some identity politics. On top of that, Britney proves to be a manipulator. These are the flash points of this segment.

The HOH competition centred on misinformation in society. In particular, the comp was about the Flat Earth theory where people believe the earth is still flat rather than round. Anyways, house guests hung on for dear life to a flat earth.

It looks like Taylor won the conspiracy theory HOH. Certainly, Taylor had the muscles for it. And she looks like she can run miles. Anyways, Taylor beat the other house guests in HOH, so let her reign of terror begin.

After watching this episode, you know CBS is going to give the prize to Michael. To me, anyways, this season feels fixed, because I saw Michael win some comps where he got a head-start and nobody said or did nothing about it. Michael is gay, so CBS probably got flack about no gay winners on Big Brother, which is political.

This episode exposes Britney as a manipulator. During DR, she goes on and on about how The Left Overs control the house. Not only this, we saw Michael and Britney scheming while alone in a back room. But yeah, Britney really means her and Michael control the house. But I think Britney should just quit, because she hasn’t really played the game aside from a weak social game with Michael.

Since Taylor won HOH, Michael is going on about ”free passes” in the house. Excuse me, Michael, I saw CBS give you head starts and nobody said or did nothing about it. And you been using identity politics a.k.a the gay card in DR saying you have a husband. Don’t talk about free passes to me, Michael.

That being said, Taylor has engaged in identity politics by playing the race card, in the BB house. In DR, she said: ”Coming into this game, I said, ’I would not nominate another Black woman,’” while referring to Jasmine. At least she’s up front about it by using racial preferences in a positive and helpful way, rather than saying we’re all equal, which is untrue.

Not to forget, a note on Daniel, last week’s evicted house guest. Daniel said he lobbied and campaigned CBS for years, and he even cried in DR about it. I felt bad for Daniel, but look what CBS has become. Thanks to house guests like Daniel, I am sure some PH. D is out there doing exploratory research on CBS, which might paint an unflattering picture.

Briefly, the HOH and Taylor winning stood out to me, in this segment. The HOH centred on misinformation, which was timely, because we hear so much about fake news or conspiracy theories on the internet, which impact us. Also, Taylor winning HOH led to identity politics, which Michael wasn’t explicit about in the game. This broadcast was interesting.

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