This episode is about one thing: Operation Backdoor Nicole. It looks like the back door for Nicole, the former gay cop/detective. Along with a few other stories in this segment, the house really wants Nicole evicted.

Let it be known, the house is in agreement: Nicole is the target. With Monty being the HOH, he wants Nicole out. And pretty much the whole house feels this way. The only one who wants to keep Nicole is Daniel. Otherwise, there is a majority to send Nicole packing.

In the HOH room, Monty would not tell Daniel that he wants to backdoor Nicole. Monty knows Nicole is in an alliance with Daniel. However, Daniel suspects Monty wants to backdoor Nicole.

Now, there is a question on viewer’s minds. It’s “Will Daniel betray his final 2 when eviction night comes?” Anyways, this is a question that will need to be answered.

This segment we learn Monty really wants Nicole out of the house. With that, Monty blocks Nicole from playing in the POV. He wants to backdoor her giving her no chance.

We get some info on Turner in this broadcast. Apparently, Turner once lived in a van. Something tells me that Turner loved it.

Monty’s conservative side comes out in this airing. Monty says ‘hell no” at the mind altering psychedelic slop fest competition. You can tell he stays away from drugs by the looks of it-smart man.

When it came to the POV, Daniel and Kyle won. As a result, Daniel doesn’t want to use it in hopes of keeping Nicole off the block. But Kyle wants to use it to save Alissa. Both POV winners have different plans on how to use the POV.

Daniel has Monty on his mind. Daniel reveals in DR, saying: ”Hopefully I am one step ahead,” in regards to Monty who wants to backdoor Nicole.

Strangely we heard nothing from Turner about gameplay in this episode. We can only speculate what he’s thinking, but I bet it crossed his mind that he could be blindsided and backdoored at some point during the game. Stay awake, Turner.

This episode has one theme. It’s “Operation Backdoor Nicole.” The house wants this plan to proceed.

In summary, this broadcast was about getting Nicole evicted. The house really wanted her out. We will see if they get their wish come eviction night.

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