This live eviction is short and sweet. To begin, Turner pulled off a masterful move and got Ameerah evicted. Not only this, Turner’s secret alliance ”The Left Overs” dealt a blow to the Girls Girls alliance. As well, Taylor prevailed over Nicole. Dope episode, indeed.

Turner could win Big Brother. He showed his skill by evicting one of the strongest house guests: Ameerah. This eviction came as a surprise to Ameerah who thought she had it on lock with the girl’s votes.

The Left Overs are thee alliance in the house. They were all double agents and did what Poe’s Pack could not do: evict a strong player. The Left Overs will be around for a longtime to come.

A side note: The Left Overs beat the Girls Girls alliance. The Left Overs wanted Ameerah evicted while the Girls Girls alliance wanted to keep her. Strategic move, Left Overs.

To top off the eviction, Taylor got to stay. So Nicole’s hate of Taylor did not prevail. In fact, Turner told the house to stop bullying Taylor.

It looks like Daniel is an Inland Empire fan. He gave a shout out to the IE in his appearance. Shout out to Riverside, California!

In brief, Turner shined. He pulled off a masterful move and got rid of a strong player in the Girls Girls alliance: Ameerah. The rest of the house of cards should fall.

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