Here’s the latest drama on Big Brother. First, Nicole is being a drama queen. Next, Turner is onto sketchy Britney. Further, Michael is mad. I hope you find something in this airing to watch.

Let it be said, according to Turner, Britney is sketchy. After all, just look at her game. It’s safe to say, Britney does not impress Turner.

I must say, after seeing how the house treated Taylor this week, I hope she survives the week. I mean Daniel didn’t have to get mad at her, because it’s Nicole who has issues with Taylor. Everyone get a clue, Nicole is a crybaby; and Daniel should chill. But I will add, Taylor has tough skin, though.

Can you believe Michael wanted revenge on Pooch for excluding him from the guy’s alliance, even though Pooch just floated the idea. Nobody said “let’s exclude Micheal.” Sheesh, stop making trouble Michael, and stop using the gay card.

Now onto another point in this episode. Someone, please tell Michael this: People don’t have to hang out with you! That doesn’t make them bigots. Just like if people only support traditional marriage, that doesn’t make them bigots. A lot of the older generations only supported traditional marriage and they weren’t bigots.

Nicole is sobbing about something. The house said it was her mom’s cancer. Did she get smuggled info into the house from the outside?

All Big Brother fans should know, people cheat. For example, ball teams cheat-they bang on cans outside games. If you didn’t know as well, law students cheat-read the state bar journal and see how much lawyers and judges are disciplined. I will say it again, people cheat.

Here is something: Nicole is threatening to be a cop on Big Brother. And she’s making threats toward “passive aggressives” in a threatening manner, which is considered assault in the law books. BTW, Nicole you are a former cop, so stop trying to impersonate one on Big Brother.

Another thing Nicole, get some self control. If you feel negativity in the house, control yourself-and leave. Don’t blame people for bringing negative energy around, because that’s just being passive aggressive. Get some self control.

Throughout this airing, Turner made it known that he wants to backdoor Ameerah, but he should backdoor Nicole, because Nicole manipulated Daniel to freak out on Taylor, and Nicole’s making threats in the house.

In conclusion, this episode was drama. Nicole stirred the pot, and she had her crosshairs on Taylor. Turner also, played the wall in this airing, but he still made moves. If you like drama, this broadcast is for you.

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