This 2 hour live eviction, feeling like an 80s time trip, had some good gameplay. As it got going, Pooch got a surprise. We learned, too, that Amerrah and Nicole are problems. But aside from all that, Turner is on a winning streak. And Poe’s Pack are a bunch of traitors, so do not trust them. This episode had a lot of gameplay.

While wearing a neon cap out of the 80s, Turner is looking good. First of all, to date, he’s kept his game low key. With that, he has been winning comps. Turner could go the distance to the finals.

After watching this season, I’ve noticed one thing: there’s lots of neon. From the neon LED light strips around windows, this season feels 80s. As well, there are plenty of neon pastel colors throughout the house.

Oddly, Pooch is shocked at being evicted. His eyes said it all when Julie announced it. But he kind of knew he could go home because of just being on the block, so he wasn’t really blind sighted.

Talking about who has the big ears in the house, Micheal was just listening to Amerrah and Monty’s discussion about Pooch. They better be careful around Micheal, since he got Pooch evicted, basically.

Nicole is worried about a boys club. But she has no problem with a girls club.  I guess Julie was right about the house divided along gender lines. Sounds like Nicole just wants to be a guy and be a winner, though.

Something about Michael’s wardrobe: Micheal’s wearing a bright orange shirt. I saw one like that the other day. Someone threw it away.

When it came to this HOH, Turner won it. He did it for Pooch. He did it for the guys. And he did it for survival.

Turner is right about who are  huge problems in the game. If you watch feeds you know Amerrah and Nicole have to go. Get her done, Turner.

Poe’s Pack is a bunch of double agents. They all are in different alliances, but each Poe pack member reports back to further the Poe pack alliance. And you know you can’t trust a double agent.

Toward the end of the live eviction, Turner nominated Britney and Micheal as his Festie Bestie. He nominated britany cause he thinks she plays a sketchy game. He nominated Micheal cause Micheal is a comp beast. Good call, Turner.

In sum, Turner owned this live show. He got HOH, and he put Pooch’s betrayers on the block. But come to think of it, Turner voted Pooch out too. Anyways, though it felt 80s night, Turner did make some good game moves.

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