Few things to watch in this airing. First, Jasmine, if you can believe it, is winning Big Brother. Next, Pooch is acting gay, which is bad for his game. These are just some players to watch.

To start, Jasmine’s ankle is all messed up. This being the case, she has to use the scooter to get around the Big Brother house. If you remember, Christmas, a past house guest, had to use the scooter, too, when she hurt her leg.

In this airing, we add two more alliances. First, we have Poe’s Pack. Next, we have the Oasis. These short term alliances might serve a purpose and go the distance.

I feel Taylor is a stronger player than Pooch. Taylor has a strong social game where as Pooch has no game at all-cept maybe being lucky to win a pass.. Taylor should go before Pooch due to being the better player.

Here’s Pooch’s problem: he has a bromance. Pooch should quit the cuddling with Joseph. Pooch needs to focus on the game than guys.

Another thing, where is Pooch’s head at? He talks about being like Dr. Will when going on the block, but Pooch ain’t no Dr. Will. Pooch don’t know what time it is.

If Pooch a.k.a Mr. Bromance doesn’t wake up, the Girls Girls alliance will send the sissy home. Now given Pooch is a coach, this will be a bad look for Pooch. So Pooch stop being gay and leave Joseph alone, because you need to play Big Brother.

Overall, here’s my reflections on this broadcast. Jasmine, with the bad Southern DR lines, is winning, which is stupid, Next, Pooch should be in the Girls Girls alliance for acting like a girl. But yeah, good airing to watch for laughs.

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