Here’s what’s going on in the Big Brother house. Micheal is mad. As well, Jasmine is the new HOH. Plus, the house wants to backdoor. And HOH nominations are ready. Last but not least, Taylor, the drama queen, wants to be a queen. Finally, Pooch has a strategy. Get ready for Big Brother.

In this broadcast, Michael is mad. In the Diary Room, he talks about rarely forgiving or forgetting players. Micheal isn’t feeling peaceful inside; anyways, good poker face though.

On the game front, Jasmine won. She won her first HOH. It was the Pie Fest, where she beat out Michael.

The house is talking backdoor. Pooch wants to backdoor Taylor. And some players want to backdoor Pooch. Someone will get back doored by the looks of it.

The nominations are in for who goes on the block. Jasmine nominated Taylor and Pooch. Someone will go home, if all goes to plan on Thursday night.

Taylor had a funny thing to say in the DR. She wants to be a queen rather than a pawn. You might be evicted, Taylor.

Pooch fills us in on his game strategy. He offers himself as a pawn in hopes of building up trust. If it works then great; however, if it fails, you go home early in the game.

There were a few low key players this episode. One was DJ, who didn’t have much face time. The other was Turner. I guess they will have more face time in later episodes.

In conclusion, this episode was ok. Taylor acted out, but that’s her thing. And Jasmine won in the eating contest. This airing was ok.

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