As we start off this live broadcast, eviction night seemed cursed for Big Brother. First, Poloma had a mental breakdown. As a result, Monty assumed all houseguests were his religion and led a prayer for Poloma. Not only this, Big Brother cut out Pooch’s audio in a POV competition, , so he could not hear start when competing against Micheal; therefore, Micheal got an unfair head start. As well, the house cried, but it felt insincere and disingenuous. Finally, Jasmine got hurt. Way to go, Big Brother.

Like I said, Poloma had a mental breakdown. She was so anxious that she could not sleep more than two hours at a time. Due to sheer exhaustion, Poloma needed to exit the game for the sake of her mental health.

Not missing an opportunity to spread his own faith, Monty led a group prayer. However, without asking houseguests if they were of his faith, Monty acted presumptively and imposed his religion on everyone. Who knew Monty was a priest or whatever.

As the evening played out, houseguests cried. But the houseguests came off as disingenuous, because Poloma said it best about them, ”They will stab you in the back then make you a turkey sandwich.”

To top the evening off, Jasmine got hurt. She fell on a cushion and hurt her ankle. She probably got hurt because Big Brother was making them hurry in the HOH. Jasmine should sue, but Big Brother probably got them to sign a bogus waiver.

Due to Poloma exiting the game on eviction night, the live events had to be scrapped. Having no plan, eviction night came off as unprofessional. Or perhaps the show is getting tired.

Overall, the show really did feel cursed. Maybe all the bad stuff is coming back on Big Brother-like what happened to Ellen. And Big Brother gave Michael an advantage, which wasn’t fair to Pooch. I hope Poloma is doing better, because on feeds she really was having a breakdown and nobody seemed to care.

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