This episode is good. This segment will make you wonder who watches Big Brother? That is, who watches the watchman? Also, Daniel continues excellent game play. As well, some player’s words refer to other words. And the Girls Girls alliance continues to gossip, slander, and get up in everyone’s business. Finally, it would be entertaining to send a lawyer home. You need to watch this one.

As a starter, it should be known that Big Brother plays around with how players appear to the public. For example, Big Brother portrayed Daniel as sneaky; however, last episode, Daniel was portrayed as a good game player. Another Big Brother example is Micheal; that is, last episode Micheal self admitted to being a liar (In law school, we take a class called Professional Responsibility a.k.a Pro Res with cases about lawyers who lied or cheated clients), vindictive, and revengeful (I wonder how he passed the character fitness of the bar exam), while this episode, he’s portrayed as go lucky, which probably made his husband feel better. Wud up, Big Brother!

Will stab you in the back then make you a turkey sandwich.


That being said, Daniel sized up Big Brother right. He knew Michael would wait for the opportunity to take him out-and Daniel was right. And he knew Taylor was better going home because she was in everyone’s business-the nosey beauty queen would be better at home in the kitchen. Daniel seems like a good player.

I have to say, it would of been entertaining to send the lawyer home. I mean lots of lawyers are pretty bad people-read a state bar journal and see how many are disbarred, lose licenses, and subject to disciplinary action. That would of been a real good joke to see a lawyer get it.

One last thing, why so quiet on Nicole, the chef, the lesbian ex-cop? Does Big Brother have a card up it’s sleeve on that one? Let me guess: Nicole is low key and seems like a smart player? Anyone can see that image being manufactured by Big Brother.

Oh yeah, watch how players refer to players with other words. You might see some players reference players with other words. Players can’t come out and say it, but they will reference them with other words-like some code.

This episode shows you how bad girls can be. The Girls Girls alliance had a gossip and slander session and was up in everybody’s biz wax. They are just a bunch of gossips.

Briefly, these few points stood out this airing. Big Brother messed around behind the scenes to rig the game, some would say. Also, Daniel continues his good game play. About who goes home, if not Michael, send Taylor walking down the catwalk and out the door. Watch this episode and see for yourselves.

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