Here’s a few observations on episode 2 of CBS Big Brother 2022. To get this started, Daniel is strategizing as HOH. On to the next observation dealing with gameplay, nominees are placed on the block. Finally, alliances are formed. I hope you enjoy this segment.

First, Daniel plays game and picks his final two. It’s Nicole, because he feels he connects with her; however, this could be Daniel’s strategy to pick Nicole since she is gay and it would be smart to quietly break up any gay alliances. Nonetheless, he says he picked Nicole because they had the same kind of hair.

As you recall, Daniel won HOH. With that, he gets the HOH room. Now, he can mingle and figure out more gameplay.

This segment Daniel picks HOH nominations. He put up Michael, because he is a super fan, but I think that’s not the real reason: Micheal is gay and he might form a gay alliance with Nicole who is gay too. As well, Daniel put up Terrance for not talking with him, but Daniel probably put up Terrance because he had to put someone up with the least blood on his hands.

A few alliances were formed this week. These include the Rogue Rats and Scorpio Sisters. Hope those short relationships work out.

Briefly, this was Daniel’s airing. He was HOH. He had to nominate two players. And he formed his first alliance. Good episode, though.

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