Big Brother 24 started on July 6, 2022. From what I can see, there are some potential good players. I will start with two: Monty and Pooch.

To get this party started, Monty won his first contest, in a Port O Potty. He remembered the correct amount of numbers for a set number in a series of rounds. Looks like Monty comes out of this first competition smelling like a rose and a great memory for gameplay down the road.

Next, without even trying, Pooch wins. By luck, he picked a game pass that allowed him to be safe for the week. As well, he had to put up 3 players to sit out the week who will not be safe. Pooch is looking good off the starter blocks-hope his luck keeps up.

Briefly, this episode was short for me. I only noticed two players with game. I hope next episode picks up, or these guys are an easy final two. It’s looking like a long hot summer for Big Brother.

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